The Service

We are a full feature, software-as-a-service (SaaS) scheduling platform uniquely created to handle the specific needs and data of Home Inspectors. We understand the Home Inspection business and we know what Home Inspectors need to make scheduling convenient, easy and cost-effective... A simple interface that works with your existing website & no more phone tag. Clients/Realtors can book appointments from any device with an Internet connection - 24/7/365.

how it works

Spend less time managing your scheduling needs. At a fraction of the cost of other scheduling options, Nxt Inspekt's easy, intuitive and accurate calendar-based platform makes scheduling a breeze for both you and your Clients/Realtors.

Sign Up For Free

Create an account. Free scheduling for 180-days. No commitment thereafter.

Configure/Publish it

Customize the look, pricing model, etc in minutes. Connect your new scheduling tool to your existing website or just use your unique Nxt Inspekt URL.

Yay! Done.

Get the word out to your network of Realtors. Sit back, relax & focus on the inspection instead of answering calls from the roof/crawlspace.

The Benefits

This product was developed out of pure necessity by a Mechanical Engineer and a Home Builder/Home Inspector of 28 years. This Inspector had utilized several systems over the years to consolidate and organize his upcoming inspections - MS Excel spreadsheets, pen & pad folio, call center, voicemail, email, etc. but he was never completely satisfied... Either the system worked adequately but was too expensive, or it was affordable but not efficient. Sound familiar?

Precise Features

Pared down feature set allows for quick learning for you and your Clients

Designed For You

Customize your scheduling pages to match up with your current website

Security first

Your data is securely housed on Amazon's cloud system and backed up in several locations

Innovative idea

Clients can schedule an appointment in minutes and, if needed, reschedule/cancel in seconds

Save your bills

Let's face it... call centers don't 'up sell' Realtors and Realtors account for most of all bookings

Proven technology

Years of QA and Inspector/Realtor feedback have gone into improving the system and making it user-friendly.

KPI Analyzer

Several reports and graphs make it easy to determine monthly and YTD revenue

Pricing Models

No more complicated, multi-level tables to adjust. Adjusting your pricing is now a cinch


Easy to read, easy to understand dashboard with pre-loaded summaries and other indicators

Stay In Touch

Quickly send inquiries to past Clients for evaluation or appreciation for their business


Works great w/ single or multi-inspector offices

Inspection Mapping

See where you've inspected and what's been scheduled


Our pricing model is simple!

For dramatically improving this area of your business, we only charge a low fee per appointment, based on monthly volume and ISG Membership Tier.

the first 50 appointments

$4 per appointment

appointments # 51 thru 100

$3 per appointment

appointments # 101 and up

$2 per appointment

(appointment counts are reset at the end of each month)

Calculate Your Estimated Monthly Cost

appointments per month

X $4/appt

X $3/appt

X $2/appt

= ??? per month

Upon signing up for a Free Trial you will automatically be placed in Tier 1. If you would like to be in Tier 2 or 3, please consult ISG and an approval for change will be made.

* Minimum Monthly fee of $20.00 starts after Free Trial ends regardless of usage.

No credit card needed. No commitment required.

Free Trial FAQ

Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

How long is my trial?

Your trial is for 180-days. During this time, you can create test appointments and/or jump right into scheduling real, FREE appointments.

What happens to my trial data?

The Trial data is yours. Whether you are testing the waters or scheduling actual home inspections immediately, you DON'T pay for the first 180-days of scheduling and the booked appointments during the Trial period remain on your calendar.

When will a credit card be required?

A credit card is not needed until the end of your Trial period. However, you may enter it at any time so that your account transitions from Trial to full-time without any delays.

What about my privacy and info?

The Company & personal data you provide for Trial purposes or 'the real thing' will never be shared with third parties unless you personally allow it by activating one of our third party integrations.


Don't take our word. See what our Inspectors & Realtors say about the Nxt Inspekt scheduling calendar.

Nxt Inspekt is exactly what I've been looking for! The interface is easy to setup and the pricing model makes sense. Best of all, my Clients/Realtors can see exactly when I am available and it cuts down on the back and forth phone tag.

- Chuck H. (Inspector of 20yrs)

Simple, yet powerful... I wish all my Home Inspectors used Nxt Inspekt for booking appointments. Hopefully one day! :-)

- Melissa G. (Top Realtor)

Nxt Inspekt offers easy integration with my existing website. It is the best calendar-based scheduling software we ve used, and the first that I could actually setup by myself. Finally a middle ground between doing it myself and paying someone else too much.

- William S. (Inspector of 17 yrs)


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